Monday, June 26, 2006

potential design for a website - rough draft - still in progress. additions will be made.


Noah. said...

I like it. It's simple, and clean. Your colors are nice, and well... it's just good.

Are you doing it with Flash, or just normal web stuffs (Html and the such) ?

chief said...

i'd lose the dialogue boxes and go for just a gray rectangle for the body. the colors work well but those boxes seem out of place. maybe change the background color in the nav to indicate where you are? or not.

anyway, very nice work!

Brooke said...

Hi, Dolly. Lookin' good!

Brooke said...


It was a little awkward the first time we met, primarily because your head was in a book and Patrick didn't introduce us. Shame on him.

Also, I'm linking to your blog. Which would you prefer I link to?


Floating Soul said...

you know dolly. I just absolutely love everything you do. It's just fantabulous!